Power BI and NLP against COVID-19

Italy has been experiencing a COVID19 pandemic emergency since February. Despite being a small province (about 300,000 inhabitants), Piacenza was one of the epicenters of the epidemic in Italy; Codogno, where the first Italian COVID-19 diagnosed patient lives, is just … Read More

Six Degrees of Covid-19

By now, we’re all aware that Covid-19 symptoms vary widely from person to person, though doctors still aren’t sure why. Apart from age, what causes some people to have a mild case while others fight for their lives? It may … Read More

Telehealth Trends in the Time of COVID-19

From ATMs to PTMs I vividly remember the first day I walked into the bank and saw that there were no longer any people working behind the counter. Instead, I waited in line for my turn to interact with a … Read More

As Coronavirus Storm Accelerates, So Do AI-Driven Innovations

AI technology has slowly become part of the fabric of medical care. This integration has come in uneven dribbles and trickles, often delayed by a natural reticence to adopt new technologies, lack of infrastructure or training, cost, and sluggish FDA … Read More

Do You Think You May Have COVID-19? Ask CovBot

A photo of an exhausted Italian nurse, collapsed face down in front of a laptop still wearing her mask, gloves, and other protective gear, went viral after a colleague posted it to her social media. Hospitals in Italy have been … Read More