AI and 3D printing: a dynamic duo for medical imaging

AI has demonstrated remarkable progress and received widespread recognition for its usefulness in the medical imaging world. AI technologies — machine learning in particular — automate image reading, repetitive tasks and the reporting process, which leads to an increasing efficiency … Read More

Why Buy Into AI

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Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in Musculoskeletal Imaging: Yay or Nay?

The Term “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” Scientists have been working on artificial intelligence since the middle of the last century; however, the term “artificial intelligence” did not come into usage until a bit later.  The term “artificial intelligence” was coined in … Read More

Have No Fear, AI Is Here!

75% of those in charge of hospital imaging departments in the UK agree: The NHS does not currently have enough radiologists to keep patients safe. The 2018 Royal College of Radiologists Annual Workforce report, released April 2019, confirms the predicted … Read More

Better Technology= Faster Diagnoses for Athletes

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A Jarring Realization: Can AI Impact Disc Herniation Cases?

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New AI Advisory Board to Set Ethical Standards for AI Use in Medical Imaging

With AI-based technologies being developed and incorporated into the medical community at an exponential rate, major respected institutions have collaborated to create a new AI Advisory Board. Value of AI Advisory Board to Applied Radiology Community Orest Boyko, MD, PhD … Read More

Afraid of being misdiagnosed in the ED? What injuries should you avoid at what time?

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Cancer treatment advices from IBM and Microsoft

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Artificial Intelligence to improve medical image analysis

In the U.S. alone, between 6 and 7 million people break a bone every year. Even though this is a common injury, it isn’t a trivial injury. Even when the fracture heals smoothly and without any complications, the treatment still … Read More