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Blurry MRI Images – A Job for AI

With every year, AI is finding its way more and more into the radiology field. Not only does the technology optimize processes and efficiency, but it will help with cases where radiologists haven’t found a satisfactory solution yet. In a … Read More

Review Arab Health 2020

The 45th edition of Arab Health – largest exhibition for healthcare in the MENA region and second-biggest worldwide – took place in Dubai from 27 to 30 January 2020. 4,250 companies (including 1,000 first-timers) exhibited at the Dubai International Convention … Read More

NVIDIA Clara – How to setup your annotation server and kickstart AI driven MedTech projects

Version 1 Announced in March of 2019 at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference, Clara is a powerful suite of tools that aims to put the company at the forefront of the “democratization” of AI. The final goal: empowering data scientists with … Read More

Diagnostic errors, Second opinions, and Efficacy in Medicine and Radiology

Last week, I had my regular medical check-up. After running some tests, the doctor concluded that everything seemed fine, but she would anyway send all the samples and data to a specialized clinic, just to be sure. I must admit … Read More

Radiology & MRI in Switzerland

Stats, burdens, and innovation in the field In 2015, nearly 575’00 MRI exams were performed in Switzerland (>66/1’000 inhabitants) across 181 MRI machines distributed over 288 hospitals and specialized clinics. This analyses were all performed by radiologists, which accounted to … Read More

The 10 most MRI-friendly countries worldwide

How do different countries perform in terms of number of medical imaging devices, scans, and specialized staff?   The talk “Imaging Challenges and Change: A Global Perspective”, presented at the Radiological Society of North America’s Annual Meeting (RSNA 2016), discussed … Read More

Cancer treatment advices from IBM and Microsoft

Artificial Intelligence will play a crucial role in oncology and radiotherapy February 1st: Two major IT companies reveal their trump card against cancer. In Brussels, Microsoft Health Innovation Summit was coming to an end, after the presentation of InnerEye, an … Read More

Artificial Intelligence to improve medical image analysis

In the U.S. alone, between 6 and 7 million people break a bone every year. Even though this is a common injury, it isn’t a trivial injury. Even when the fracture heals smoothly and without any complications, the treatment still … Read More