About Us

About Us

Our Mission

ScanDiags builds machine learning algorithms ("artificial intelligence") that save time and money and help improving clinical quality by automatically interpreting medical images and other healthcare information. These algorithms are integrated into clinical and business processes at health providers of any size, at manufacturers of artificial body-parts, at manufacturers of radiology equipment, at government agencies overseeing national and regional healthcare systems, at insurances and at educational organizations that train clinicians and radiologists. In day-to-day clinical work, our algorithms unburden medical professionals from repetitive and thus quality-challenged work and analyze and leverage more clinical information than ever to lower health providers’ costs.

Our Story

ScanDiags Health Technologies Inc. was incorporated in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in August 2019. It acquired the intellectual property for the ScanDiags AI software suite from Balzano Informatik AG, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Balzano develops AI software algorithms that leverage deep learning and other engineering methods of artificial intelligence, namely through semantic interpretation of image and text. The company started development of the ScanDiags product in 2015, partnering with many of the leading hospitals in Switzerland for medical expertise and high-quality data. Swiss partner hospitals in return benefit from free usage rights for ScanDiags. Balzano now maintains the ScanDiags solution as a contractor of ScanDiags Health Technologies Inc. with a team of seasoned data scientists.

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