The Royal College of Radiologist (RCR) Digital Learning Programme 2020

The RCR Digital Learning Programme 2020 organized its first virtual learning program between 21 September and 9 October 2020. It delivered a variety of interactive two-hour sessions each day. The agenda of the program encompassed all of the RCR’s professional learning and development activities, from events and webinars to the RCR Learning Hub and the Digital Learning Programme. The programme also featured opportunities to preview cases, join in live discussions and engage in networking.

About RCR

RCR has over 11,000 fellows and members worldwide representing the disciplines of clinical oncology and clinical radiology. All members are registered medical or dental practitioners. Its main objectives are the advancement of the science and practice of radiology and oncology, the furtherance of public education and the promotion and study of research. It is an independent professional body for radiologists and is separate from the National Health System. Together with its members and collaborating partners, RCR has been contributing to the advancement of each new generation of doctors for over 40 years.

ScanDiags at RCR Digital Learning Programme 2020

For the third time this year, ScanDiags had the opportunity to showcase in an online forum. In the RCR Digital Learning Programme, the 24th of September was dedicated to the topic of musculoskeletal radiology. On this day, ScanDiags conducted a symposium which was held during the lunch break between the day sessions. The symposium combined a pre-recorded presentation session followed by an interactive Q&A session and online live survey with the audience. These events were led by Dr. Rajat Chowdhury of the RCR and Stefan Voser, who was representing ScanDiags.

During the Q&A session, Dr. Chowdhury and the audience asked a variety of interesting questions. For example, one question posed was: What if the radiologist does not agree with the result provided by ScanDiags.  We replied that our ScanDiags team values all feedback given by radiologists and customers. All their valuable inputs are evaluated and, if determined to be necessary or helpful, used for further training iterations of ScanDiags. There were also many other questions around the value proposition of ScanDiags raised during the session. The full session was recorded, and the recording is available until 9th of December on the conference platform for RCR Digital Learning Programme registrants.

Despite the session being virtual due to the current Covid-19 situation, the event was a great success. The participation of the audience during the online survey gave valuable insight as to who was participating.  The RCR team was very supportive in the preparation of this session as well as during the session. As a result, from a technical perspective everything went smoothly, going back and forth between the interactive part and the recorded sessions was seamless, which resulted in a great experience for both the ScanDiags presenter and the audience.

Co-author: Stefan Voser

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